Lake Bled

May 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Finals are officially over and I’m a 3L. But, I’m tired. And don’t feel like doing much. I got to spend a couple of days at home and after the drive back, I’m just going to give you a short bit about Lake Bled, Slovenia for Travel Tuesday.

After I completed my study abroad in Poland in 2007, my mom, sister, and my mom’s friend Gayle, came to visit. We flew down to Croatia, rented a car, drove the coast, and somehow ended up in Bled, Slovenia. I got my first view of the awe-inspiring Alps in the distance as we drove beside Slovenian farm land, worked by families with rustic equipment.

The tourism in Bled is based on this beautiful lake. There is a church built on the island in the center and the same family has handmade the boats to get to the island for generations. Simple, woode, canoe-like boats. The castle is built above the lake and overlooks the lake and the church.

My sister and I at the boats to the church.

The Castle area had some fun “monks” that helped my mom and I bottle our own wine. Which satisfied both our need for a souvenir and my mom’s constant wine craving. I mean, we were buying off the side of the road in Fanta bottles on this trip. Sheer madness…but it lead to some great stories.

Our group at the castle.

The traditional cake of Lake Bled is called Kremsnita. It tasked a lot like the cake that BLESSED (!!!…sorry uber-Caltholic moment there) Pope John Paul II called his favorite from his childhood in Poland called Kremowka. But considering that both nation’s are Eastern-European and the ingredients are simple and inexpensive, that isn’t too surprising. This cake is perfect with a really strong cup of black coffee. : )

Traditional Kremsnita

I’ll be making this cake sometime soon. We didn’t stay here long, but it was nice to be in a town that so much resembled any tourist-type town that I would have found here in the States. A lot of the towns we visited were the same way, but this was unique simply because I just felt like I was in some small Colorado mountain town and not in a foreign country at all. Until, I tried to read something, and then I was at a loss. Or got back to the hotel and had to sleep in a twin sized hotel bed. Then I remembered where I was.

We even got to go to mass in Slovenia. Not the church on the island (if I remember correctly, they don’t have mass there anymore), but another church in town. It was beautiful. I mean, I love going to mass in other countries, simply because there is an interesting bond I feel with all Catholics because I know what is going on even though I don’t understand a word being said. But this church was particularly quaint, quiet and simple. Just lovely.

I’d love to go back to Lake Bled, or really spend more time in Slovenia next time I go.

Slovenian Farm Land

My first view of the Alps


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  • congrats on being a 3L!!! These photos are gorgeous! In all my travels to Poland I’ve never been to Slovenia 😦 This year I’m going to Prague for a day, but besides that I always stick to Poland because I have to make all the required family stops. I really want to see more of Europe so every time I go see family I am trying to make a stop in one other country. So far it’s only been London, and Munich.

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