Changes Coming!

April 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hey…you there. Yeah, you.

Ok, well internet void. What’s up?

I just want to let you know that some changes are coming to this blog. I’ve been wanting to have some sort of schedule/semblance or organization on here for awhile so I’m working on some basic guidlines. Here are some thoughts.

1. Travel Section. This means I’ll have to go back in time, and update you on some trips I never told you about, but the goal is that Tuesdays will be travel days. Until I catch up. Then I’ll just have to travel more. Pity, huh?

2. Music Mondays. (Yeah…I just went from Travel Tuesdays to Music Mondays. Yes, I’m fully aware that Mondays come before Tuesdays. Get over it.) Just a song that I’m loving, or that is speaking to me at that time. My obsession with poetry makes me a lyric junky so I’ll probably highlight my favorite lyrics for you as well.

3. Foodie Fridays. Ok, I copied this one. Twitter forums are Foodie Fridays. So, my goal is to review at least one recipe a week and share it with you. With better pictures.

What do you think? Other thoughts or Ideas? I still plan on posting random life thoughts as they occur to me throughout the week, but I wanted to find some sort of cohesion to my blog. And if I feel like posting an extra recipe or something on a Wednesday, I’m sure you won’t complain too much.

And I want to do more book reviews. So stay tuned for that too. Yes, occasionally I read non-law books. **Gasp**

Also, my fitness has kinda fallen off a little here lately, so I really want to pic that back up. My quarter of all elective classes and finally making friends I really want to spend time with in Law School has resulted in me singing karaoke after softball on Wednesdays, the out on Thursdays…because its Thursday and I don’t have class on Fridays, just my externship with the Federal Judge, then Fridays because its friday (duh), then Saturday, then Sunday family dinners. Soooo, lets just say I’ve been sleepy. A lot. And not motivated to exercise except on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays before softball. Fail. I had really begun to love running when I did my half marathon, so I’m ready to get back there. So, I might give you a fitness update on weekends. Kind of a week in review. Maybe review a workout video, gym class or update you on something.

Warning: I have a final on Thursday. Yup…this Thursday. Civil Liberties. So I want to post. I will post. But I might be brief this week. Bear with me.

Warning #2: Once I’m in Montana for the summer, I fully intend to keep you all apprised on how my adventurous summer is going. And I might end up baking more so that I can sell to a local coffee shop for some extra dough (pun intended). So, recipes for the summer might be lots of baking. Or just a review of what kind of food I’m able to scrounge up in small town Montana.

What do you think? Other ideas? Let me know. Oh…and expect more photos. I like photos.


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