Music for Meditation

February 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

If anyone still reads this, hello there! I’ve been super busy lately, but I’m determined to get back to blogging…mostly just because its a good reflective project for me, and if anyone gets anything out of it, excellent. Oddly enough, my sister blogged about music today, which just further proves that she is my soulmate since we’re thinking on the same page. Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how certain music evokes certain feelings. In fact, I often find myself getting lost in a song because the lyrics speak to something I’m feeling, but trying to supress. And once one song comes on, that suppressed feeling is brought to the surface, I find myself letting settle in, playing songs on repeat and allowing my heart to feel.

Moral of the story: I actually LIKE the music most people think is depressing. I always have. In high school, it was probably a minor expression of ridiculously unnecessary teenage angst. Now I find it a vehicle for expressing necessary emotions. I love when things I feel are said and song so beautifully by other people. I think it also helps me not feel so alone knowing that other people feel the things I do.

Usually, I listen to mellow music when I’m driving. There isn’t much else to do, and I can be alone with thoughts. Honestly, some times I don’t have the time to let myself feel fully. I’ll have to refocus, write or something. But, while I’m driving, I can think, pray and even cry without anyone knowing I’m doing it. Its cathartic.

Today, I wanted to share some of the music I turn tow when I’m really feeling lonely, but a lot of it has a really hopeful tone as well. The more I’ve allowed myself to really feel, the more I feel this is really the key. I’m allowed to be lonely, but I continue to find ways to make alone time useful and therefore, not lonely, per se. When I allow myself to compare my virtual worry-free past to my present, the contrast points out my pain. Then I can feel this, so long as I’m conscious of the fact that this pain is ultimately good. Feeling this, allowing myself to focus on it, is a skill that allows life joys to be felt under a magnifying glass. To feel the good things fully, I have to allow myself to feel the spectrum of emotions to their fullest.

What kind of songs do this? Lately, its not necessarily depressing music as you might would think of it, although I do love The Lighthouse’s Tale by Nickel Creek and Colorblind by Counting Crows. I often turn to Amos Moses or Ryan Adams to set a good mood. And if you know me, you know my absolute passion for Mumford and Sons. (Passion is synonymous with obsession, right? Yeah, thought so.) Well here are a few of my faves, not all, but I’ll give you more in another post soon:

This one is based on a homily Pope John Paul II gave after the tsunami his South Asia. Psychiatrists had the kids draw pictures of their homes before they were destroyed and then draw pictures of what they wanted their new houses to look like. Every one of them drew a bigger houses. “This time I’ll build a mansion. This time I’m not afraid.”

I’ve included a ton so far, but I think that this is the most hopeful, inspiring of all. I love it and listen to it on repeat. Best part: “And Hope, I’ve seen her body and weighed it on a scare. She live and breathes and makes conquests to me and I’ve never seen her fail.”

Somehow this one is upbeat, but so so uplifting. Oddly, while uplifting, I feel myself getting ever so slightly emotional when it comes on. Its hard to fully explain, something to do with the talent of the band, the lyrics and the story of the resolve to hold tight to hope no matter the challenge. LOVE it.

Let me know any other recommendations.


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