Spe Salve

September 2, 2010 § 2 Comments


When I think about what I probably write about most, what I try to make my focus. Worry is useless. Hope in everything. Hope saves us from ourselves. Its lifts us from moments of melancholy, revealing that joy lies ahead. Hope is faith in good, in better, in God.

Even when I begin writing about sadness, grief, or pain, somehow, I end up writing about hope. It permeates every part of my life. While I was writing a poem the other day, if began with a hopeful melancholy; probably the best phrase to describe my mood that day. I haven’t written a poem in some time, so my skills are waning again (though, I don’t feel like they every really got better), but I figured I’d share what I had anyway. It probably needs more work, but I’ll share anyway.

By heavenly arms, I am held.

There was a time he was real

And when our hearts had weld

Hands’ rough skin I still feel

Now with eternity I deal.

I speak the hurt as a fact

Gone my heart’s jagged half

It is not coming back.

Walking on, stumbling as a calf

My angel guides with a staff.

A life of richness I seek.

Joyful lives need pain.

Open to all, refusing to be weak

No hurt, joy, sorrow in vain

My soul, nothing restrains.

To many, my soul I bare

Hopefully, into life I go

No person, sight met with blank stare

At times elated, others low

My soul escorted by a silent glow.


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§ 2 Responses to Spe Salve

  • grace lauger says:

    your poetry is so wonderful, and true to your heart. I wish I could write how I have felt. My words I get down. just not sentence correctly.

    Your pain I feel, everyone asked me why have you not recovered ,I say you do you in away you just never forget

    There is always a shield , I wish I knew how to take it down.

    God has helped me so much, and knowning that I will see Brian again has made my live worth it

  • Haley says:

    Great poem. Leave it like it is.

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