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June 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Well, I’m back. I know its been forever since I’ve written. I’m slightly ashamed about this, but life has been crazy. As soon as finals were over, I took off for Costa Rica (we’ll get back to that), came back, grabbed some stuff, came to Houston, started work, work A LOT, have barely really settled in (my shoe closet is literally be back of my car), and have been pretty busy every weekend. Life can be busy in Houston, just because I have stuff to do in the evenings, friends to hang out with, which I looooove, but it has been keeping me a little too busy to blog. So, here we go! I usually write about whatever is on my mind at the time, so it just flows out of me. But, right now, I’m just taking the opportunity to write while I have it. So, we’ll see how it goes…bear with me!

While I was in Costa Rica, I got to do a lot of thinking. First of all, Costa Rica was amazing. Beautiful. Lush. Simple. I feel like living there, life is simpler. Ok, honestly, I feel like that about most countries outside of America. The usual hustle and bustle isn’t there; people take life at a slower speed. I love that. And I feel like there are aspects of that mentality that can be incorporated into my life here. I went to a girl’s apartment there (ok, honestly, I couldn’t stand her, so its a good thing she won’t be reading this; I wouldn’t want her to know I’m giving her any credit. Her head was big enough), but it was just simple. Not alot there, but everything she would need. Somehow, we lose sight of the difference. In an effort to stay current, we work so hard to have this or that; we lose sight of what is important. I’m just as guilty of it as anyone else. But, being there made me want to live more simply. In better words: more balanced. I’ve decided my goal for the year is to find balance. In everything from my study habits, exercise, diet, relationships with people, and God. It should all nicely fit and when it does, there is less stress. Let go of the unimportant. If we just strive for the imporant things and focus on them, the rest falls into place. We don’t need to over-do it on things that just don’t matter. I know this is sounding vague, but I feel like you all know what I mean. Its something we deal with constantly. Especially women and our desire to have it all and be everything. We have a hard time saying “no” and expect to be the best mom, professional, cook, well-dressed, happiest, great looking, and amazing wife. SHEESH! Its crazy. But if we just took a step back, let things be more simple, cut ourselves some slack, we would be happier, and as a result, the people around us would be happier. Being happy with ourselves is our gift to those around us.

One of my favorite things about travelling is meeting new people, developing relationships and learning about cultures. In Costa Rica, I got to spend time with my aunt, uncle, and cousins whom I don’t get to see as often as I’d like and it was great. Usually, everyone else is around when I’m with them, but its good to be with them without the rest of the family. The kids even gave my aunt and I a spa night. Amazing! And, talk about life experiences! I got to surf, horseback ride through the rain forest and on the beach, zip line, hike, do yoga in an open air studio (everything in Costa Rica is open air, even though they’re insansly close to the equator…like I said, simple), eat great food, and meet people from all over the world.

But, I feel like one of the most important relationships I got to work on in Costa Rica was my relationship with myself. I got to read, pray, and think. What I learned was, it was ok to be alone. Being alone doesn’t equate loneliness. Its necessary for your sanity! I know I wasn’t entirely travelling alone, I got to stay with my family, but I did alot of my daily activities alone (the kids were in school and my aunt and uncle had to work). It was a good balance though. I got to have dinner with them, meet up with my aunt’s friends for drinks, but I got to drink my coffee on the front porch while reading a book, explore town alone, hang out at the beach, and even my horseback riding tour was solo. Really, I loved it. I met some fun people and went out salsa dancing. What I realized was that I’m okay being alone. Ok, lets be honest, it comes and goes. Maybe its really easy to be okay being alone when you’re in paradise, but still. I feel like the trip gave me some time to re-establish this feeling. I’m fine being on my own (for the most part! haha). I need to get to this point. I think its so important for each of us to be fulfilled on our own, just with us. Enjoy your own company! And when you really need to talk to someone, pray. (Though, one of my favorite quotes from a song goes “all these one-way conversations are drinks that don’t quench by thirst.” -Army of Me. Prayer can feel this way sometimes. I think its because we suck at being still and listening. I’m thinking I should start meditating!) Anwyay, my point is that no one human person can entirely fulfill you besides you and God. Truly. That’s why being alone is so necessary. It gives us time to work on those relationships. And even better done when you’re away from the hustle and bustle of your normal life to do it. Those Sex and the City ladies were on to it in the 2nd movie with that whole 2 days every once in a while thing!

Now…the only problem with travelling is that its like a drug. I can’t wait to go somewhere again!


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