One Week Left

April 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yes. That’s right. One week until I leave for the summer. I cannot wait! But, I still have 3 finals to get through.

So, in an effort to keep myself motivated, optimistic, and joyful I made a little wall of quotes of joy and things to look forward to. I mean, its only a couple of weeks that I really have to have no life. Its not that bad. I’m being a big baby. Generally, I have a “no feeling sorry for myself” policy. Somehow, implementing said policy becomes a bit difficult during finals time. Its like I just want to whine and complain. Seriously, suck. it. up.  Life could be worse…heck, its been worse!

Sooo, I made a little list of things that make me joyful and when I feel the ugly whining rearing its nasty little head, I go look at my wall. What does it say you ask? Well one list is of things that just make me happy. Things I can do to take a break and cheer up. Things like “Prayer, running, hiking, yoga, reading a magazine (only for a few minutes), calling my mom or a friend, listening to inspiring music, packing for Costa Rica, attempting to be the ‘Rudy’ of law school, etc.” Anything that makes me remember how great life is and how many amazing things there are around me to enjoy, think and re-center!

Also, I write quotes on post-its when I find them. They’re all joy centered just to remind myself that I have an amazing opportunity and that I should be grateful for it rather than taking it for granted. Some quotes include “Happy is the heart that calls on the mercy of the Lord.” or “A joyful heart is the natural result of a heart burning with love.” Another is “I’ll remember the suffering you’re love put you through and I’ll walk through the valley if you want me to.”

There are plenty of others, but that’s the start. I just feel like its such a good reminder to chose to be joyful! Its so important to find ways to be joyful and implement them in our lives. No one wants to be “that-person.” You know, the Debbie Downer, who always enters the conversation complaining. Trust me, that person doesn’t make anyone any happier. That doesn’t mean we’re not all allowed our venting moments and our down days (having a full range emotions makes you sad…no one wants a friend who operates like they’re constantly on happy pills either. Those people are just a crazy!), but it does mean that we can find ways to bring ourselves out of them, appreciate what we have and make the most of anything!

“Serve God joyfully. The only true sorrow is sin.”


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