Ode to Pain

March 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

This little piece of writing has been in and out of my head for about a week now. I read some of the creative writing stuff I’d written in high school today and I feel like I’ve kinda lost the touch. But, I still find it cathardic, so I do it anyway. I finally just sat down today, turned on some Counting Crows and Coldplay (gotta set the mood!), pulled out my journal and wrote for a bit. This could probably use a bit of editing, but I’ll share anyway. Oh, and its technically not an ode, but whatever. My english teacher friends can just get over it.

Ode to Pain

There is a darkness right before the sun rises. It’s erie. Somehow darker than the rest of the night. Stars fade and the luster of the heavens disappear. The worst time of day. This is the pain the day. Then, the brilliance begins to appear. Sun rises slowly, kissing the dew, the blades of grass, the night. The day has arrived and the feeling is no longer erie. It is full of hope, potential, discovery of the unknown and unexpected. This is what pain does. The emptiness prepares us to be filled again. Without the emptiness, what is full? Without sadness, de we really understand joy? Pain magnifies the good; it allows us to appreciate the beautiful and illuminates what is real and important the way the sun does to the world as it rises. What is the value of a sunny day if we didn’t have to survive the rain? Do we know love if we’ve never had it taken away? Pain tests us, thereby making us stronger. Pain breaks us, thereby building us into something better. Pain leaves us helpless, thereby helping us mature. Some pain never goes away. It is as much a part of us as our arms or legs. But, by staying with us, our worlds are colored more brilliantly. We no longer feel life as though it were painted with muted colors; instead we feel brighter, deeper hues. Maybe pain doesn’t just point us to the beautiful. Maybe pain is beautiful. Maybe there is more the the early morning darkness.


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§ 3 Responses to Ode to Pain

  • Roberta says:

    Wow! If only all parents could be so blessed to learn from their children…but I just have. I see that a broken heart is actually an open heart. To have known love so deeply and then have to share it with someone we cannot see, touch or hear….but oh, can we ever feel…is the epitomy of an open heart! It’s that then which makes for such a beautiful, beautiful person.

  • Miranda says:

    I read this entry at least once a week to remind myself to embrace the pain. It is making me a better person. It is teaching me, molding me, strengthening me. Thank you a million times for putting this out there for me to hold on to.

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