February 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

So if you don’t know this, I love to write poetry. Its my catharsis. Give me a big cup o’ joe and journal (with a dash of angst) and I’ll write a poem. They aren’t all good, or even mediocre, but they do allow me to mold my feelings into something I find beautiful. A few days ago, I was sitting in CrimPro listening to my prof disuss the 4th amendment and what consitutes a search, and something hit me. Boredom is beautiful. It opens our minds to explore true feelings. While sometimes we get sick of it, we forget that boredom gives us time to pray, to think, to really take stock of the goings on in our lives. And when we get too busy, we crave that boredom. As I contemplated this little concept, I realized there are lots of things that we take for granted or have distorted outlooks of and a little poem soon followed. I gave it to my sister that day and, now I’d like to share with you.

Worry is worthless

Fear is feeble

Erring is essential

Planning is pointless

Boredom is beautiful

Silence is serene

Faith is fundamental

Love is life-giving

Forgiveness is fulfilling

Hope is heavenly

God is good

Joy is accepting these statements as truth

and allowing them to shape the way you live.


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